Tuesday, May 30, 2017

How Leaders Can Stay On Top Of Challenging Situations At Work

There are just moments at work that bring even the most composed person to the brink of tears.  Stress, conflict, and other reasons can cause loss of control over feelings.  How can a strong female leader stay on top of challenging matters in the workplace without having an emotional outburst?

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Build a workplace where people respect and listen to each other.

There will always be challenges in a person's life outside and inside of the workplace but an environment where people truly respect and communicate with each other will lighten attitudes.   When people know that they are valued, they will feel competent and in control of their situation.

Be an example of compassion.

In many cases, there will be a struggling co-worker.  Whatever the causes of this, a leader should strive to motivate and empathize.  She can go further by coaching a co-worker to ensure progress.  In a stressful workplace, employees need to know that there are people who believe in their abilities.

Know when to draw the line.

There are times excessive office gossip affects the team's work quality.   Unfortunately, bosses and prolific workers are usually at the receiving end of all the rumors.   While responding to all the useless chatter is not always a good solution, addressing the issues or asking the rumormongers to stop will draw the line.

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To stay on top of challenging situations in the office, a woman should always show professionalism by staying focused and excelling on the job.

Heather  Weber  is a finance professional from  Tampa  Bay,  Florida.  She is also a philanthropist, female empowerment advocate, and karate enthusiast. Learn more about Heather’s interests by visiting this blog.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Not Just For Kicks: How Practicing Martial Arts Can Build Self-Esteem

Martial arts isn’t just about movement. It also teaches awareness of the self and surroundings. It exposes a person’s strength and capacity. The discipline inherently taught in martial arts develops a person’s stance, the first line of defense. Standing strong can teach a person to show strength even while staying still.

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All the lessons learned inside the gym can be applied in real life. Doing martial arts also shows a person’s capacity to focus and achieve the goal. Practicing the movements can be challenging at first but once a person perfects a move and gets into his or her own rhythm, he or she builds confidence to defend the self, especially in a threatening situation. With constant practice, a person can develop the body and master the movements. Though the changes don’t come easily, learning the art can be achieved with persistence, which can only be personally developed.

Aside from forming the person’s physique, martial arts also opens up a person’s mind. While developing self-esteem, a person relates well with others and handles stressful situations with composure. Developing awareness and discipline translates into different aspects of a person’s life. This training for resiliency teaches a person to handle independently challenges in life.

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Getting into martial arts instills a mindset for constinuous improvement. The same can be said about self-esteem. Though some people start with a low opinion of themselves, they can change their mindset and continue improving until they get to a point where they can be proud of who they are and what they have achieved.

Heather Weber is from Tampa Bay, Florida. She is a financial advisor, philanthropist, female empowerment advocate, and karate enthusiast. For updates, follow this Twitter account.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Busting Stereotypes About Women In The Corporate World

In the competitive corporate world, stereotyping and sexism can hinder individuals from succeeding in their chosen field. This is true especially among women who are striving to reach the top spot. Here are some labels about the corporate woman that need to be refuted:

1. The Queen Bee

Some people are threatened when a woman begins to take center stage because she might turn out to be a power-tripping leader. The truth is most assertive women who have reached a top post know how valuable an opportunity is for an employee. They also know that the company will benefit more from an influential leader than a dictator.

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2. The woman without ambition

Gone are the days when women just want to settle down and care for their household. These days, women are out to make a name for themselves in their chosen field. Whatever the industry, these professionals are leading the pack and blazing a trail for others to follow. Even if not everyone notices, the corporate sphere is fortunate to have a lot of women with ambition and a genuine desire to change their world.

3. The indifferent working mom

Even if a woman’s career has to take a backseat due to motherhood, this doesn’t mean that she will neglect her field altogether. In most cases, having a child becomes a source of motivation and inspiration for working moms. As natural multi-taskers, women are capable of balancing responsibilities.

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Sex and gender shouldn’t be a hindrance to anyone who wants to succeed. Companies should give equal opportunities and benefits to all of their employees. This will contribute to a productive and outstanding business.

Although working primarily as a finance professional, Heather Weber spends a significant portion of her time championing charitable causes. She supports many foundations and their campaigns to alleviate the lives of ordinary people, particularly women and military veterans. Learn more about Heather by visiting this page.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

The 'b' In Boss: How Female Executive Can Be Assertive Without Being Aggressive

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Many women have come to terms that in the workplace, if one’s methods are seen as aggressive rather than assertive, one gets the “B” label.

In her book “Breaking Through “Bitch”: How Women Can Shatter Stereotypes and Lead Fearlessly,” author Carol Vallone Mitchell suggests that for women to succeed in the workplace, they “must have the best qualities of being a woman, married with all the best qualities … of being a man.” Finding the balance can be difficult, but there are a few tips to help.

Back-up everything with data: When women negotiate, it is best to have empirical data to support their claims. It does not have to be incredibly detailed; a few well-designed tables and charts, accompanied by facts is enough to drive a point home.

Learn how to negotiate: Many women believe that negotiating is a man’s area of expertise. This is untrue. However, women must take the extra effort not to sound emotional or desperate when they are talking. Having too many hand gestures is also not recommended. Women should have the confidence and cool demeanor of a typical male executive.

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Keep control: Unfortunately, it is very easy for women to lose control of their position just through language. Women have to make it clear who is the boss from the very beginning, using words that are active rather than passive. Studies show that even using terms such as "suggestions" and "I’ll let you help me with this" can invite employees to think less of their female executive.

A rule of thumb is for a woman to use her emotional intelligence to temper her more “feminine” instincts. This can be achieved through practice and by finding a mentor.

As a female executive, Heather Weber champions fellow women who are working in a predominately male workforce. Read more about the rise of women executives here.